Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I know this is hard to believe but its all true

If you don't have the self-respect to stand up to rude guests and even ask them to leave if you have to, then you deserve to put up with their boorish behavior.
I myself recently had a bad experience with unwittingly setting up a "gracious host friend" with a "terrible guest friend." An old friend of mine just made her first trip ever to NYC. When we planned the visit months ago, I expected to still be in NY; however, I ended up having to move for my job just one week before my friend was to come to NY. My roommate of the past year graciously offered to let my friend (and my friend's cousin) use our apartment anyway. This, even though no one would be home at the time, as my roommate would be on vacation that week.
Although I wasn't there to see the damage, apparently my dear old "friend" and her cousin thought they were staying in some sort of motel, as my roommate reported that they left dirty dishes in the sink AND in her bedroom, empty beer cans and soda bottles all over the living room and bedroom, the bed unmade and unstripped, etc. They also managed to break a shelf that hung over my roommate's bed and held various decorative items. To top it off, my friend left a note apologizing for leaving the place "a little messy" as they "ran out of time" and had to get to the airport, and leaving her a pack of GUM (!!!!) as a "thank you present." I have not heard a word from the "friend" since and don't even know if I want to. This is someone I have known for years and thought I could trust. I do NOT understand how people think this sort of behavior is in any way acceptable. What happened to manners? We both feel used and disappointed.
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