Monday, August 6, 2012

Natural Hairstyles

Straighter and longer hair is seen as the beauty standard of hair across all color lines. I think the natural hair movement, if not careful, will continue to define what the beauty standard is for natural hair. We can't fully embrace our natural hair textures until we're all willing to be open minded about eachother's hair and how we choose to wear it.
Natural Hair ideally would have more of a focus on overall health and wellness, vs getting the biggest, baddest curl definition. The emphasis on hair has been a hot and sensitive topic in the African American community based on comparisons to other groups and media influence. If only women understood how fascinated other groups were by our hair, culture, skin etc...then perhaps there would be more self-appreciation. We all have curls and wear them differently from locs to tight to loose. It is all an expression of personality. Internal health is a reflected outwardly through skin and hair.. so if women focus on that, then their hair will be beautiful no matter the choice of expression.
I think no matter what your texture is everybody longs for what is neat, clean, moisturized whatever. I think hair is hair, and not all us have the same pattern as the more popular hair bloggers who have these big curl patterns and can wash and go and walk out the door without twisting, or anything. Again I think a lot of woman take this to a another level, and concern themselves with what others are doing with their hair too much. I think our hair is just an expression on some days I might actually want big fluffy hair, or small tiny curls, it's all up to me, and it's my hair.....