Monday, October 29, 2012

Hairstyles and beards have a wonderful variety in my work place!

It's Cold with no hair!
I have a normal head of hair but began electively shaving my head in the early 90s. I was working closely with punk musicians and their aesthetic directly rubbed off on me. My only regret is I didn't start sooner. It was and still is completely liberating. I could never find a stylist to cut my hair the same way twice. No more worries there. No more bad hair days. An incredible time and money saver. Cooler in the summer heat but hat required for sun and cold weather climes. In short, the perfect antidote to a world too much with me. I joke that I can wash my face and hair all in one go, but I really like the comfort and the look.
I have found over the years that bald is, in many ways, a blessing. It not only weeds out members of the opposite sex who are shallow enough to consider hair more important than those other minor issues such as character, intelligence, compassion, etc., but once I came to the decision to buzz my head (a step short of shaving, done with an electric clipper on the lowest setting) I came to realize I was freed from all of the high maintenance hair care and styling that "haired" people are unwitting slaves to. While the "haired" have to go through what amounts to rituals to make themselves presentable, all I need do to is buzz my head every week or two, then just wash and run a towel over my head to dry it and I'm good to go.  Hair, no hair, it means nothing. What is more meaningful is what kind of person we are.
Beauty is only skin deep. So today you have a head of hair and attracts a woman and marriage ensues and as you age, your hair falls off and what happens? Divorce?
Using "looks" or skin-deep "self-image" as buttress for confidence is like using sand and water to build a mansion. Sooner or later, the whole thing will collapse over time.
Why are we still so obsessed with looks in the 21st Century? Is that not childish? Don't we have more interesting, challenging and exciting things to pursue? Buzzing my head also makes me look years younger. Hardly anyone can guess my real age...
Keep your hair. I'll keep my hair clippers.