Monday, April 29, 2013

Please quote median wealth not average

In the not to distant future, at the rate things are going, there will be two classes in the United States, the very wealthy and the very poor. This country will become just like the rest of the Americas, with the exception of Canada.

This is not because of immigration, legal or illegal, it is because of the continuance of redistribution of the wealth in the hands of the very few; including Congress and the White House.

Wages have been dropping for years adjusted for inflation, throw in several recessions along the way, and after each one more wealth went to the hands of the few, wages decreased, as well as the wealth of middle class and working class Americans. This has also created a society that is credit dependent, because inflation and decreased wages are not enough fro a majority of Americans to make ends meet.

Also, those in their teens and 20s may be the first generation, of the industrial era, who will not improve upon the previous generation's accomplishments. This is development that should not be ignored. This is a sign that not only their is a racial disparity, but an age disparity, as well.

Thus, unless those in the so called 99% finally demand changes at the ballot box, and through other means, the United States will be a place where the "American Dream" is only available to a select few.

Everything is working according to plan

First, cut taxes for the rich. Second, use the increased wealth to bribe legislators. Third, cut funding for education to further dumb down the people. Fourth, broadcast right wing propaganda around the clock on a fake news channel. Fifth, bust unions and ship jobs overseas to weaken and disenfranchise the people. Sixth, increase the prison population, preferably with people of color. Seventh, deregulate the banks in order to fleece the public treasure. Finally, use the deficits created with tax cuts for the rich and two wars of choice to cut important government programs when they are needed the most.

Ah, yes, it took 30 years, but what started with Reagan has finally paid off big for the top 1%. Everyone else? Tough luck.

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