Monday, December 26, 2011

Tunisia is a jewel of the Mediterranean

Seven years ago, we spent a wonderful vacation in Tunisia. After spending three days in Tunis with day trips to Gammerth, Sidi Bou Said and LaMarsa we rented a car and head out into the country with our primary route through Bizrete and Tabarka......
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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Perfection of shape, lines and proportions

Short Hair Styles

I love London

When I visited London, I did feel at home.
Over the past twenty years I have gradually increased the amount of exercise I perform from intermittent, through regular, to now daily vigorous aerobic and resistance training. Throughout these twenty years I have observed without fail that exercising improves my mood and sense of well-being, and the more regular and vigorous the exercise, the greater the improvement. Part of this arises from a comfortable sense of being in control of myself; the discipline of regular exercise is a great mood-booster. Another part comes from the opportunity to think without distraction when exercising. A third part comes from being physically stronger and more lithe......

Planning for marriage

Planning for marriage should include full disclosure about not only the couple's finances, but also estimates of their liabilities for caring, emotionally and financially, for their parents ......

The influence of classic fashion

The influence of classic fashion .......

I am old fashioned

English constantly evolves. I'm not surprised that young women initiate much of this change. 
I have a receding hairline and I keep my hair closely cropped. However, if I had to choose between two cosmetic solutions I would pick shaving it off. Plugs, toupees or comb-overs only scream "I am desparate and insecure." Shaving it all off says just the opposite. Moreover I think it is the psychologically superior solution. By accepting some imperfect about yourself, you will be a much happier person. No one is flawless. Yes, the issue of compensation is an interesting one, but hairstyle and empathy?
I've spent many, many hours working out with barbells, dumbbells and weight machines. But in recent years I've almost completely switched to bodyweight-only resistance - various kinds of pullups, pushups, parallel bar dips, squats, pikes, swiss-ball exercises. When I use resistance, it's usually heavy ropes, buckets filled with gravel, Therabands, or the heavy punching bag, though I also sometimes do a few dumbbell exercises such as curls and bench-presses on the swiss ball. I've found that I gain more functional strength from this sort of exercise, and more flexibility and balance as well.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Why Americans like ice

NOWHERE but the US, nowhere in Europe people put as much ice in their drinks. I suspect that, say, maybe in South Africa the wealthy might consume ice in big quantities......

The idea of one beauty standard

I think what really needs to happen in the modern world is that the beauty industry, which targets girls in their teens and early twenties, needs to be monitored.....

Real life experiences are so important

I think that social media is a bad term as i think that it refers people being lonely and relying on computer snippets. You will always see girls who are skinnier than you, prettier than you, better dressed than you.....

Mission statement

What is our "mission statement" as a couple? Mission statement!? This is a marriage, not a military operation.
To what extent are you willing to go to have a family, medically?........

Eat, relax and enjoy

Hiring a personal trainer as a way to save money makes no sense, because most gyms require one to become a member before hiring a personal trainer, and limiting workout sessions to those involving a trainer means only working out once a week.
Not having a gym membership may save money in the short term, but also make it less likely that one will work out less often and less intensely. Trips to the gym (whether fancy or no-frills) that are part of a daily routine are more likely to be consistent in the long term.
Free passes are basically promotion, or advertising, by the gym, to encourage new customers, or as a courtesy to the friends or family of members who are in town for a few days and who want a place to work out. It's not free - someone has to pay the overhead at the gym (rent, employees, insurance) while she is working out there. Why should fee-paying members subsidize your blogger, who has no intention of purchasing a membership, and who is using the free passes intended to benefit our family or friends visiting town for a few days or to increase the gym membership and revenue? Apart from being cheap, it is also short-sighted: if she were to spend less time scrounging for free gym passes all over the city, she could spend more time working and generating income, which she could then use to pay honestly for the services she uses.