Sunday, December 25, 2011

I am old fashioned

English constantly evolves. I'm not surprised that young women initiate much of this change. 
I have a receding hairline and I keep my hair closely cropped. However, if I had to choose between two cosmetic solutions I would pick shaving it off. Plugs, toupees or comb-overs only scream "I am desparate and insecure." Shaving it all off says just the opposite. Moreover I think it is the psychologically superior solution. By accepting some imperfect about yourself, you will be a much happier person. No one is flawless. Yes, the issue of compensation is an interesting one, but hairstyle and empathy?
I've spent many, many hours working out with barbells, dumbbells and weight machines. But in recent years I've almost completely switched to bodyweight-only resistance - various kinds of pullups, pushups, parallel bar dips, squats, pikes, swiss-ball exercises. When I use resistance, it's usually heavy ropes, buckets filled with gravel, Therabands, or the heavy punching bag, though I also sometimes do a few dumbbell exercises such as curls and bench-presses on the swiss ball. I've found that I gain more functional strength from this sort of exercise, and more flexibility and balance as well.